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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Habakkuk 3

1 a The Prophet instructeth his people to pray vnto God not only for their great sinnes, but also for suche as they had committed of ignorance.

2 c That is, the state of thy Church which is now ready to perish before it come to half a perfect age which shulde be vnder Christ.

2 ! A praier for the faithful.

2 b Thus the people were afraied when they heard Gods threatenings, and praied.

3 d Teman and Paran were nere Sinai where the Law was giuen: whereby is signified that his deliuerance was as present now as it was then.

4 e Whereby is ment a power, that was joyned with his brightnes, which was hid to the rest of the worlde, but was reueiled in Mount Sinai to his people, {Psal, 31,19}.

6 f Signifying that God hathe wonderful meanes, and euer had a marueilous power when he wolde deliuer his Church.

7 g The iniquitie of this King of Syria in vexing thy people was made manifest by thy judgement, to the comfort of thy Church, {Judg. 3,10}, and also of the Midianites, which destroied them selues, {Judg. 7,32}.

8 i And so didest vse all the elements as instruments for the destruction of thine enemies.

8 h Meaning, that God was not angrie with the waters, but that by this meanes he wolde destroy his enemies and deliuer his Church.

9 m Read, {Nom. 20,11}.

9 l For he had not only made a couenant with Abraham, but renued it with his posteritie.

10 n H alludeth to the red sea & Jorden, which gaue passage to Gods people, & shewed signes of their obedience as it were by lifting vp of their hands.

11 p According to thy commandement the sunne was directed by the weapons of thy people, that foght in thy cause, as thogh it durst not go forwarde.

11 o As appeareth {Josh. 10,12}

13 r From the top to the toe thou hast destroyed the enemies.

13 q Signifying that there is no saluation, but by Christ.

14 s God destroyed his enemies bothe great and smale with their owne weapons, thogh they were neuer so fierce against his Church.

16 x That is, the enemies: but the godlie shalbe quiet, knowing that all things shal turne to good vnto them.

16 u He sheweth that the faithful can neuer haue true rest, except they fele before the weight of Gods judgements.

16 t He returneth to that which he spake in the 2 ver. and shweth how he was afraide of Gods judgements.

18 y He declareth wherein standeth the comfort & joy of the faithful, thogh thei se neuer so great afflictions prepared.

19 z The chief finger vnpon the instruments of musicke shal haue occasion to praise God for this great deliuerance of Church.