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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Habakkuk 2

1 a I wil renounce mine owne judgement, and onely depend on Gods to be instructed what I shal answer them that abuse my preaching, and to be armed against all tentations.

2 b Write in great letters, that he that runneth may read it.

3 c Which conteined the destruction of the enemies, & the comfort of the Church: which thing thogh God execute not according to mans hastie affections, yet the yssure of bothe is certeine at his time appointed.

4 d To trust in him self or in anie worldlie thing, is neuer to be quiet: for the onelie rest is to stay vpon God by faith, {Rom 1,17}, {galat. 3, 11}, {ebr. 10,38}.

5 ! Against pride, couetousines, drunkenes and idolatrie.

5 e He compareth the proude, and couetous man to a drunkard that is without reason and sense, whome God wil punish, & make mim a laughing stocke to all the worlde: & this he speaketh for the comfort of the godlie, and against the Caldeans.

6 f Signifying, that all the worlde shal with the destruction of tyrants, and that by their oppression, & couetousnes thei heape but vpon them selues more heauie burdens: for the more they get the more are they troubled.

7 g That is, the Medes and Persians, that shuld destroye the Babylonians?

10 h Signifying, that the couetous man is the ruine of his owne house, when as he thinketh to enriche it by cruletie and oppression.

11 i The stones of the house shal crye, and say that they are buylt of blood, and the wood shal answer and say the same of it self.

13 k Meaning, that God wil not deserre his vengeance long, but wil come, and destroye all their labours, as thogh thei were consumed with fyre.

14 l In the destruction of the Babylonians his glorie shal appeare through all the worlde.

15 m He reprocheth thus the King of Babylon, who as he was drunken with couetousnes, and crueltie, so he prouoked others to the same & inflamed them by his rage, & so in the end broght them to shame.

16 n Where as you thoughtest to haue glorie of these thy doings, they shal turne to thy shame: for you shalt drink of the same cup with others in thy turne.

17 o Because the Babylonians were cruel not only against other nacions, but also against the people of God, which is ment by Lebanon, and the beastes therein, he sheweth that the like crueltie shalbe executed against them.

18 p He sheweth that the Babylonians gods colde nothing auaile them: for they were but blockes of stones, read {Jerem. 10,8}.

19 q If thou wilt consider what it is, and how that it hathe nether breath, but is a dead thing.