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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Habakkuk 1

2 a The Prophet complaineth vnto God and bewaileth that among the Jewes is lesft none equitie nor brotherlie lour: but in stead hereof reigneth crueltie, theft, contention & strife.

2 ! A complaint against the wicked that persecute the just.

4 c Because the judges which shulde redresse this excesse are as euil as the rest.

4 b To suppresse him if any shulde shewe him self zealous of Gods cause.

5 d As in times past you wolde not beleue Gods worde, so shal ye not now beliue the strange plagues which are at hand.

7 e They them selues shal be your judges in this cause, and none shal haue autoritie ouer them to controle them.

9 f For the Jewes moste feared this winde, because it destroyed their frutes.

9 g They shalbe so many in nomber.

11 i The Prophet comforteth the faithful that God wil also destroy the Babylonians, because they shal abuse this victorie and become proude and insolent, attributing the praise hereof to their idoles.

12 k He assureth the godlie of Gods protection, shewing that the enemie can do no more then God hathe appointed, and also that their sinnes required suche a sharpe rod.

14 l So that the great deuoureth the smale and the Caldeans destroy all the worlde.

16 m Meaning, that the enemies flatter them selues and glorie in their owne force, power, wit.