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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Amos 7

1 a To deuoure the land: and he alludeth to the inuading of the enemies.

1 b After the publicke commandement for mowing was giuen: or as some read, when the Kings shepe were shorne.

1 ! God sheweth certeine visions, whereby he signifieth the destruction of the people of Israel.

4 d Meaning, that Gods indignation was inflamed against the stubbernes of this people.

7 e Signifying that this shulde be the last measuring of the people, and that he wolde deferre his judgement no longer.

10 f That is, when Amos had prophecied that the King shulde be destroyed: for this wicked Priest more for hatred he bare to the Prophet then for loue toward the King, thoght this accusation sufficient to condemne him, where as none other colde take place.

12 g When this instrument of Satan was not able to compasse his purpose by the King, he assayed by another practise: that was, to feare the Prophet, that he might departe, and not reproue their idolatrie there openly, and so hinder his profite.

14 h Thus he sheweth by his extraordinarie vocation, that God had giuen him a charge which he must nedes execute.

17 i Thus God vsed to approue the autoritie of his Prophetes by his plagues & judgements against them, which were malicious enemies, {Jer. 28,12} & {29, 21} & {25} as this day he doeth against them that persecute the ministers of his Gospel.