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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Amos 6

1 ! Against the princes of Israel liuing in pleasures.

1 a The Prophet threatneth the wealthy, which regarded not Gods plagues nor menaces by his Prophetes.

1 b These two cities were famous by their first inhabitants the Canaanites: & seing before time they did nothing auaile them that were there borne, why shulde you loke that thei shulde saue you, which were broght in to dwell in other mens possessions?

2 c If God haue destroied these excellent cities in thre diuers kingdomes, as in Babylon, Syria, & of the Philistims, & hath broght their wide borders into a greater streitenes, then yours yet are, thinke you to be better or to escape?

3 d Yet that contineu stil in your wickednes & thinke, that Gods plagues are not at hand, but giue your selvues to all idienes, wantonnes and riote.

5 e As he caused diuers kindes of instruments to be made to serue Gods gloried, so these did contend to inuent as manie to serue their wanton affections and lustes.

6 f Thei pitied not their brethren, whereof now manie were slayne and caryed away captiue.

7 g Some read, the joye of them that stretche them selues shal departe.

8 i That is, the riches and pompe.

10 m They shalbe so astonished at this destruction, that they shal boast no more of the Name of God, and that they are his people: but they shalbe dumme when they heare Gods Name and abhorre it, as they that are desperate or reprobate.

10 l That is, to some neighbour, that dwelleth rounde about.

10 k The destruction shalbe so great that none shal almost be left to burie the dead: and therefore they shal burned them at home to carye out the burnt ashes with more ease.

12 n He compareth them to baren rockes whereupon it is in vaine to bestowe labour: shewing that Gods benefites can haue no place among them.