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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Amos 5

2 a He so calleth them because they so boasted of them selues, or because thei were giuen to wantonnes & deintines.

3 b Meaning, that the tenth parte shulde fearfely be saued.

5 c In these places thei worshipped new idoles, which afore time serued for the true honour of God: therefore he saith that these shal not saue them.

7 d In stead of judgement & equitie they execute crueltie & oppression.

10 f Thei hate the Prophetes, which reproue them in the open assemblies.

11 g Ye take bothe his money & also his fode wherewith he shulde liue.

13 h God wil so plague them that thei shal not suffer the godlie once to open their mouthes to admonish them of their fautes.

16 i So that all degrees shal haue matter of lamentacion for the great plagues.

18 k Thus he speaketh because the wicked & hypocrites said thei were content to abide Gods judgements where as the godlie tremble & feare, {Jere. 30,7}, {joel 2, 11}, {zeph. 1, 15}

22 l Because ye haue corrupt my true seruice & remaine obstinate in your vices, {Isa. 1, 11}, {iere. 6, 10}.

24 m Do your dutie to God & to your neighbour, & so ye shal fele his grace plentifully, if you shewe your abundant affections according to Gods worde.

26 n That idole which you estemed as your King, & caryed about, as you did Chiun, in the which images you thoght that there was a certeine diuinitie.