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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Amos 8

2 a Which signified the ripenes of their sinnes and the readines of Gods judgements.

4 c By staying the sale of fode and necessarie things which you haue gotten into your owne hands, & so cause the poore to spend quickely that little they haue, and at length for necessitie to beome you selaues.

5 d When the dearth was once come, thei were so griedy of gaine, that thei thoght the holy day to be an hinderance vnto them.

5 e That is, the measure smale & the price great.

8 f That is, the inhabitants of the land shal be drowned, as Nilus drowneth many when it ouerfloweth.

9 g In the middes of their prosperitie I wil send great affliciton.

12 h Whereby he sheweth that they shal not onely perish in bodie, but also in soule for lacke of Gods worde, which is the fode thereof.

14 k That is, the commune manes of worshiping and the seruice or religion there vsed.

14 i For the idolaters did vse to sweare by their idoles: which here he calleth their sinnes, as the papistes yet do by theirs.