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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Amos 1

1 c Which, as Josephus writeth was when Vzziah wolde haue vsurped the Priests office, and therefore was smiten with the leprosie.

1 ! The time of prophecie of Amos

1 a Which was a towne six miles from Jerusalem in Judea, but he prophecied in Israel.

1 b In his daies the kingdome of Israel did moste florish.

2 d Whatsoeuer is fruteful and pleasant in Israel, shal shortely perish.

3 f If the Syrains shal not be spared for committing this crueltie against one citei, it is not possible that Israel shulde escape punishment which hathe committed so many grieuous sinnes against God & man.

3 ! The worde of the Lord against Damascus.

3 e He sheweth first that all the people reounde about shulde be destroyed for their manifolde sinnes: which are ment by thre and foure which make seuen, because the Israelites shulde tthe more depely consider Gods judgements toward them.

4 g The antiquitie of their buyldings shal not auoide my judgements, read {Jer. 49, 27}.

5 h Tiglath Pielsar led the Syrians captive, and broght them to Cyrene, which he calleth here Kir.

6 i They joyned them selues with the Edomites their enemies, which caryed them away captiues.

9 k For Esau (of whome came the Edomites) and Jaakob were brethren: therefore thei oght to haue admonished them of their brotherlie friendship, & not to haue prouoked them to hatred.

11 / Ebr. corrupt his compassions.

13 m He noteth the great crueltie of the Ammonites that spared not the women, but moste tyrannously tormented them, and yet the Ammonites came of Lot who was of the houshold of Abraham.