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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Amos 2

1 a For the Moabites were so cruel against the King of Edom that they burnt his bones after that he was dead: which delcared their barbarous rage, seing they wolde reuenge them selues of the dead.

4 b Seing the Gentiles, that had not so farre knowledge were thus punished, Judah which was so fully instructed of the Lordes will might not thinke to escape.

6 c If he spare not Judah vnto whome his promises were made, much more he wil not sparethis degenerate kingdome.

6 d They estemed most vile bribes more then lives.

7 e When thei haue spoiled him & throwen him to the grounde, they gape for his life.

8 g They spoile others and offer thereof vnto God, thinking that he wil dispense with them, when he is made partaker of their inquitie.

8 f Thinking by these ceremonies, that is, by sacrificing, and being nere mine altar, they may excuse all their other wickednes.

9 h The destruction of their enemies & his mercie toward them shulde haue caused their heartes to melt for loue toward him.

11 i Ye cotemned my benefites & abused my graces & creaftely went about to stop the mouthes of my Prophetes.

13 k You haue wearyed me with your sinnes, {Isa. 1, 14}.