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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hosea 13

1 c The Ephraimites are not farre from destruction, and haue lost their authritie.

1 ! The abominations of Israel,

1 b He made a king of his tribe.

1 a He sheweth the excellencie, & autoritie that this tribe had aboue all the rest.

2 d The false prophetes persuaded the idolaters to offer their children after the example of Abraham, & he sheweth how they wolde exhorte one another to the same & to losse, and worship these calues which were their idoles.

4 e He calleth them to repentance & reproueth their ingratitude.

9 f Thy destruction is certeine, & my benefites towarde thee declare that it cometh not of me: therefore thine wone malice, idolatrie and vaine confidence in men must nedes by the cause thereof.

9 ! And cause of their destruction.

12 h It is surely laid vp to be punished, as {Jerem. 17,1}.

13 i But wolde come out of the wombe, that is, out of this danger wherein he is, and nottarie to be stifeled.

14 k Meaning, that no power shal resist God whn he wil deliuer his, but euen in death wil he giue them life.

14 l Because thei wil not turne to me, I wil not change my purpose.