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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hosea 14

1 a He exhorteth them to repentance, to (???) all these plagues, whilling them to declare by wordes their obedience and repentance.

1 ! The destruction of Samaria.

2 b He sheweth them how thei oght to confesse their sinnes.

2 c Declaring, that this is the true sacrifice, that the faithful can offer, euen thankes & praise, {Ebr. 13, 15}.

3 ! He exhorteth Israel to turne to God, who requireth praise and thankes.

3 d We wil leaue of all value confidence and pride.

4 e He declareth how ready God is to receiue them that do repent.

7 f Whosoeuer joyne them selues to this people, shalbe blessed.

8 g God sheweth how prompt he is to heare his, when the repent, and to offer himself as a protection, & sauegard vnto them, as a moste sufficient frute & profite.

9 h Signifying, that the true wisdome and knowledge consisteth in this, euen to rest vpon God.