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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hosea 12

1 ! He admonisheth by Jaakobs example to trust in God, and not in man.

1 a That is, flattereth him self with faine confidence.

1 b Meaning, presentes to get friendship.

2 c Which in these pointes was like to Ephraim, but not in idolatries.

3 d Seing that God did thus preferre Jaakob, their father, Judahs ingratitude was the more to be abhorred.

4 f God founde Jaakob as he lay sleping in Bethel, {Gene. 28, 12}, and so spake with him there, that the frute of that speache apperteined to the whole body of the people, whereof we are.

4 e Read {Genes. 32, 31}

7 g As for Ephraim he is more like the wicked Canaanites then godlie Abraham or Jaakob.

8 h Thus the wicked measure Gods fauoru by outward prosperitie, & like hypocrites can not abide that anie shulde reproue their doings.

9 i Seing thou wilt not acknowledge my benefites, I wil bring thee againe to dwell in tnetes as in the feast of the Tabernacles, which thou doest now contemne.

11 k The people thoght that no man durst haue spoken against Gilead, the holie place, and yet the Prophet saith, that all their religion was but vanitie.

12 l If you boast of your riches and nobilitie, ye seme to reproche your father who was a poore fugitiue and seruant.

13 m Meaning, Moses. Whereby appeareth, that whatsoeuer they haue, it cometh of Gods fre goodnes.