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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hosea 11

1 a Whiles the Israelites were in Egypt and did not prouoke my wrath by their malice and ingratitude.

2 b They rebelled and went a contrary way when the Prophetes called them to repentance.

4 c That is, friendly and not as beasts or sclaues.

5 d Seing they contemne all this kindenes, they shalbe led captiue into Assyria.

8 f God considereth with him selfe and that with a certeine grief how to punish them.

8 g Which were two of the cities that were destroied with Sodom, {Deu. 29, 23}.

8 h Meaning, that his loue where with he first loued them, made him betwene doute and assurance what to do: and herein appeareth his fatherlie affection that his mercie toward his shal ouercome his judgements, as he declareth in the next vers.

9 i To consume thee, but wil cause thee to yelde and so receiue thee to mercie: & this is ment of the smale nomber who shal walke after the Lord.

11 k The Egyptians and Assyrians shal be afraid when the Lord mainteineth his people.

12 l Gouerneth their state according to Gods worde, & doeth not degenerate.