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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hosea 10

1 ! Against Israel and his idoles

1 a Whereof thogh the grapes were gathered, yet euer as it gathered, yet euer as it gathered new strength, it increased new wickednes, so that the correction which shulde haue broght them to obedience, did but vtter their stubbernes.

3 d The day shal come that God shal take awai their King, & then they shal sele the frute of their sinnes, and how they trusted in him in vaine, {2 King 17, 6}.

4 f Thus their integritie and fidelitie which they pretended, was nothing but bitternes and grief.

5 h Chemarims were certeine idolatro priestes, which did weare blacke apparel in their sacrifices and cryed with a loude voice: which superstition Eliah derided, {1 King 18,27}. read {2 King 23, 5}

8 i This he speaketh in contempt of Bethel, read {Chap 4, 15}.

9 k In those daies wast thou as wicked as the Gibeonites, as God there partely declared; for thy zeale colde not be good in executing Gods judgements, seing thine owne dedes were as wicked as theirs.

9 l To wit, to fight, or the Israelites remained in that stubbernes from that time.

9 m The Israelites were not moued by their example to cease from their sinnes.

10 n Because they are so desperate, I wil delite to destroy them.

10 o That is, when they haue gathered all their strength together.

11 p Wherein is pleasure, as in plowing is labour and peine.

14 s That is, Shalamanazzar in the destruction of that citie spared nether kinde nor age.