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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Hosea 9

1 a For thogh all other people shulde escape, yet thou shalt be punished.

1 b Thou hast comitted idolatrie in hope of rewarde, & to haue they barnes filled, {Jere. 44, 17} as an harlot that had rather liue by playing the whore then to be interteined of her owne housband.

2 c These outward things that thou sekest, shalbe taken from thee.

4 d All their doings bothe touching policie and religion shalbe rejected as things poluted.

4 e The meat offring which thei offred for them selues.

5 f When the Lord shal take away all the occassions of seruing him, which shalbe the moste grieuous point of your captiuitie, when you shal se yourselues cut of from God.

6 g Thogh they thinke to escape by fleing the destruction that is at hand, yet shal they be destroyed, in the place whether they flee for succour.

7 h Then they shal knowe that they were deluded by them who chalenged to them selues to be their Prophetes & spiritual men.

9 k This people is so rooted in their wickednes, that Gibeah which was like to Sodom was neuer more corrupt, {Jud. 19,22}.

10 i The Prophetes duetie is to bring men to God and not to be a snare to pul them from God.

10 l Meaning, that he so estemed them and delited in them.

10 m They were as abominable vnto me, as their louers the idoles.

11 n Signifying that God wold destroy their children by these sundry meanes, and so consume them by litle and litle.

13 o As they kept tender plantes in their houses in Tyrus to preserue them from the colde ayre of the sea, so was Ephraim at the first vnto me, but now I wil giue him to the slaughter.

14 p The Prophet seing the great plagues of God roward Ephraim, praieth to God to make them baren, rather then that this great slaughter shulde come vpon their children.

15 q The chief cause of their destruction is that they commit idolatrie and corrupt my religion in Gilgal.