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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 44

1 Vers. 1 The East gate D in the great figure.

2 a Meaing, from the comune people, but not from the Priestes, nor the prince, read (Chap. 46,9).

7 b For they had broght idolaters which were of other countries, to teache them their idolatrie {Chap. 23, 40}.

7 ! The uncircumsised in heart & in the flesh.

8 c Ye haue not offred vnto me according to my Law.

9 ! Who are to be admitted to the seruice of the Temple, & who to be refused.

10 d The Leuites which had committed idolatrie, were put from their dignitie and colde not be receyued into the Priests office, although they had bene of the house of Aaron, but must serue in the inferior offices as to watche and to kepe the dores, read, {2 King. 33,9}

15 e Which obserued the Lawe of God, and fel not to idolatrie.

25 g Thei may be at their buryal, which was a defiling.