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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 43

2 ! He seeth the glorie of God going into the Temple, from whence it had before departed.

3 a When I prophecied the destruction of the citie by the Caldeans.

4 b Which was departed afore, {Chap. 10,4}, & {11, 22}.

7 d He alludeth to Ammon & Manasseh, who were buryed in their gardens nere the Temple & there had erected vp monumentes to their idoles.

7 ! He mencioneth the idolatrie of the children of Israel for the which thei were consumed and broght to noght.

7 c By their idolatries.

9 ! He is commanded to call them againe to repentance.

13 Vers. 13. The middes or bottome A. which was a cubite hie B C, & a cubite broad B D.

14 Vers. 14. The lower piece which standeth on the bottome & is the middle most piece and vnder the hiest, is two cubites D E. The breadth one cubite E F. From the litle piece, which was the second, to the hiest four cubites F G.

15 Vers 15. Foure cubites, meaning, the dier parte of the altar F G.

16 Vers 16. Length and breadth G H I K, Which note also the foure hornes of the altar.

17 Vers 17. The frame whereupon the hiest piece stode, is fourtene cubites: for on euery side it is longer by a cubite then the vpper moste E L L M