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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 37

1 a He sheweth by a greater miracle, that God hathe power, and also wil deliuer his people from their captiuitie in as muche as he is able to giue life to the dead bones, & bodyes & raise them vp againe.

1 ! He prophecieth the bringing againe of the people, being in captiuitie.

9 b Signifying, all partes where as the Israelites were scattered: that is, the faithful shal be broght to the same vnitie of Spirit, and doctrine, wheresoeuer they are scattered through the worlde.

13 c That is, when I haue broght you out of those places, and townes where you are captiues.

16 ! He sheweth the union of the ten tribes with the two.

16 d Which signifieth the joyning together of the two houses of Israel, and Judah.

25 f Meaning, that the elect by Christ shal dwell in the heauenlie Jerusalem, which is ment by the land of Canaan.