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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 36

1 ! He promiseth to deliuer Israel from the Gentiles.

2 b That is, Jerusalem, which for Gods promises was that chiefest of all the worlde.

2 a That is, the Idumean.

3 c Ye are made a matter of talke and derision to all the worlde.

5 d Thei appointed with them selues to haue it, and therefore came with Nebuchad-nezzar against Jerusalem for this purpose.

6 e Because you haue bene a laughing stocke vnto them.

7 f By making a solomine othe, read {chap. 20,5}.

8 g God declareth his mercies and goodnes toward his Church who stil preserueth his euen when he destroieth his enemies.

11 h Which was accomplished vnder Christ to whome all these temporal deliuerances did direct them.

12 / Or, thee.

13 k Thus the enemies imputed as the reproche of the land which God did for the sinnes of the people according to his juste judgements.

21 l And therefore wolde not suffre my Name to be had in contempt, as the heathen wolde haue reproched me, if I had suffred my Church to perish.

22 ! The benefites done vnto the Jewes, are to be ascribed to the mercie of God, and not vnto their deseruings.

22 m This excludeth from man all dignitie, & meane to deserue anie thing by, seing that God referreth the whole to him self, and that onely for the glorie of his holy Name.

25 n That is, his Spirit whereby he reformeth the heart and regenerateth his, {Isa. 44, 3}.

26 ! God renueth our hearts, that we mai walke in his commandements.

29 o Vnder the abundance of temporal benefites he concludeth the spiritual graces.

31 p Ye shal come to true repentance, and thinke your selues vnworthie to be of the nomber of Gods creatures for your ingratitude against him.

36 q He declareth that it oght not to be referred to the soyle or plentifulnes of the earth that anie countrey is riche, and abundant, but onely to Gods mercies, as his plagues and durses declare when he maketh it barren.