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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 33

2 a He sheweth that the people oght to haue continually gouernours & teachers which may haue a care ouer them, and to warne them euer of the dangers which are at hand.

6 b Signifying that the wicked shal not secape puhishment thogh the watch man be negligent, but if the watchman blowe the trumpet, and then he wil not obey, he shal deserue double punishment.

7 c Which teacheth that he that receiueth not his charge at the Lords mouth, is a spie, and not a true watchman.

8 d The watchman must answer for the blood of all that perish through his negligence.

10 e Thus the wicked when they heare Gods judgements for their sinnes, despaire of his mercies and murmur.

14 ! He strengtheneth them that dispaire, and boldeneth them with the promes of mercie.

14 h Hereby he condemneth all them of hypocrisie, which pretende to forsake wickednes, & yet declare no themselues suche by heir frutes, that is, in obeying Gods commandements and by godlie life.

21 i When the Prophet was led away captiue with Jeconiah.

22 l Whereby is signified that the ministers of God cannot speake til God giue them courage and open their mouths, {Chap. 24,27} & {29,21} {ephe. 6,19}.

22 k I was indued with the Spirit of prophecie, {Chap. 8,2}.

24 m Thus the wicked thinke themselues more worthie to enjoye Gods promes then the Saints of God, to whome they were made: and wolde binde God to be subject to them, thogh they wolde not be bounde to him.

30 ! The worde of the Lord against the mockers ofthe Prophet.

30 p In derision.

31 q This declareth that we oght to heare Gods worde with suche zeale, and affection that we shulde in all points obey it, els we abuse the worde to our owne condemnation, and make of his ministers as thogh they were jestes to serue mens foolish fantasies.