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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 32

1 a Which was the first yere of the general captiuitie vnder Zedekiah.

2 b Thus the scriptures compare tyrants to cruel and huge beastes which deuoure all that be weaker then they, and suche as they ouercome.

2 c Thou preparedst great armies.

2 ! The Prophet is commanded to bewaile Pharaoh King of Egypt.

6 e As Nilus ouerfloweth Egypt, so wil make the blod of thine hoste to ouerflowe it.

7 f The worde signifieth to be put out as a candel is put out.

8 g By this maner of speache is ment the great sorowe that shalbe for the slaughter of the King & his people.

12 h This came to passe in less then foure yeres after this prophecie.

12 ! He prophecieth that destruction shal come vnto Egypt through the King of Babylon.

14 i To wit, of the Caldeans thine enemies, which shal quietly enjoy all thy commodities.

18 k That is, prophecie, that htey shal be cast downe: thus the Lord giueth his Prophetes power bothe to plant and to destroy by his worde, read {Jere, 1,10}.

19 l Haue not other kingdoms, more beautiful then thou, perished?

21 n To make the matter more sensible, he bringeth in Pharaoh, whome the dead shal mete & marueile at him, read ???

24 o Meaning, the Persians.

26 q That is, the Cappadocians & Italians, or Spanyardes, as Josephns writeth.

27 r Which dyed not by cruel death, but by the course of nature and are nonorably buryed with their cote armour and signes of nonour.

31 t As the wicked rejoyce when they se others partakers of their miseries.

32 u I wil make the Ebyptians afraid of me, as thei caused others to seake them.