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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 34

1 ! Against the shepherdes that despised the stocke of Christ, & seke their owne gain.

2 a By the shepherds he meaneth the King, the magistrates, Priests, & Prophetes.

3 b Ye seke to inriche your selues by their comodities, & so spoile their riches & substance.

4 c He describeth the office and duetie of a good pastor, who oght to loue and sucor his stocke and not to be cruel toward them.

5 d For lacke of good of a good gouernement & doctrine they perished.

7 ! The Lord faith that he wil visite his dispersed flocke, and gather them together.

10 e By destroying the couetous hirelings and restoring true shepherdes whereo we haue a signe so oft as God sendeth true preachers who bothe by doctrine and life albour to fed his shepe in the pleasant pastures of his worde.

12 f In the daie of their affliction and miserie: and this promes is to comfort the Church in all dangers.

16 h That is, by putting difference betwene the good and the bad, and so giue to ether as thei deserue.

16 g Meaning such as lift vp them selues aboure their brethren, & think thei haue no nede to be gouerned by me.

18 i By good pasture and depe waters is ment the pure word of God and the adminsracion of justice, which thei did not distribute to the poore til their had corrupt it.

23 k Meaning, Christ, of whome Dauid was a figure, {Jere. 30, 9}. {hosea 3,5}

23 ! He promiseth the true shepherd Christ, and with him peace.

25 l This declareth, that vntder Christ the flocke shulde be truely deliuered from sinne, and hel, and so be safely preserued in the Church where thei shulde neuer perish.

27 m The frutes of Gods graces shal appeare in great abundance in his Church.

29 n That is, the rod that shal come out of the roote of Ishal, {Isa. 11,1}.