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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 25

1 ! The worde of the Lord against Ammon, which rejoyced at the fall of Jerusalem.

3 a Because ye rejoyced when the ememie destroied my citie and Temple.

4 c Thei shal chase thee awaie and take thy gorgeous houses to dwell in.

5 d Called also Philadelphia, which was the chief citie of the Ammonites and ful of conduites, {2 Sam 12, 27}.

8 ! Against Moad and Seir, Idumea, and the Philistims.

9 e So that no power or strength shulde be able to resist the Babylonians.

16 f Which were certeine garisons of Philistimes, whereby thei oft times molested the Jewes, of the Cherethins Dauid also had a garde, {2 Sam. 8.8}.