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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 24

1 ! He sheweth the destruction of Jerusalem by a parable of a seething pot.

1 a Of Jeconiahs captiuitie, and of the reigne of Zedekiah, {2 King 23, 1}

1 b Called Tebeth, which conteineth parte of December and parte of Januarie: in the which moneth and day Nebuchad-nezzar besieged Jerusalem.

4 d That is, the citizens, & the chief men thereof.

5 e Meaning, of the innocents, whome they had slaine, who were the cause of the kindeling of Gods wrath against them.

6 f Whose iniquities, & wicked citizens there yet remaine.

6 g Signifying, that thei shulde not be destroyed all at once, but by litle & litle.

7 i The citie shewed her crueltie to all the worlde, & was not ashamed thereof, nether yet hid it.

10 k Meaning, that the citie shulde be vtterly destroyed, and that he wolde giue the enemies an appetite there unto.

12 l The citie hath flattered her self in vaine.

13 m I labored by sending my Prophetes to call thee to repentance, but thou woldes not.

16 o Meaning, his wife in whome he delited, as {ver 18}.

17 p For in mourning they wnet bare headed and bare foted, and also couered their lippes.

17 q That is, which the neighbour sent to them that mourned.

21 s By sending the Caldeans to destroie it, as {Chap. 7, 22}