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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 26

1 ! He prophecieth that Tyrus shal be ouerthrowen because it rejoyced at the destruction of Jerusalem

1 a Ether of the captiuitie of Jeconiah, or of the reigne of Zedekiah.

2 c My riches & fame shal increase: thus the wicked rejoyce at their fall by whome thei maie haue any profite or advantage.

2 b That is, the famous citie Jerusalem, whereunto, all people resorted.

11 e For Tryus was muche buylt by art, and by labour of men was wonne our of the sea. Some refere this vnto the images of the noble men which thei had erected vp for thei glorie and renoume.

14 f I wil make thee so bare that thou shalt haue nothing to couer thee.

15 ! The wondring and astonishment of the marchantes for the destruction of Tyrus.

16 g The gouernours and rulers of other countreyes that dwell by the sea: whereby he signifieth that her destruction shulde be so horrible, that all the worlde shulde heare thereof and be afraied.

17 h Meaning, marchanges which by theri traffique did enriche her wonderfully and increase her power.

20 k Meaning, in Judea, when it shal be restored.