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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 22

2 a Art you ready to execute thy charge, which I commit vnto thee against Jerusalem, that murthereth the Prophets, and them that are godlie.

3 c To her owne vndoing.

7 e He meaneth hereby that there was no kinde of wickednes, which was not committed in Jerusalem & therefore the plagues of God shulde spedely come vpon her.

15 h I wil thus take away the occasion of thy wickednes.

16 i Thou shalt be no more the inheritance of the Lord, but forsaken.

20 l Meaning hereby, that the godlie shuld be tryed and the wicked destroyed.

24 m Thou are like abaren land which the Lord plagueth with drought.

25 n The false prophets haue conspired together to make their doctrine more probable.

25 ! Of the wicked doctrine of the false prophets and priests, and of their vnsaciable couetousnes.

28 p They which shulde haue reproued them, flattered them in their vices and couered their doings, with lies, {Chap. 13, 10}.

30 q Which wolde shewe himself zealous in my cause by resisting vice, {Isa. 59,16} & {63, 5}, & also pray vnto me to withholde my plagues, {Psal. 106, 23}.