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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 21

3 b That is, suche which seme to haue an outward shew of righteousnes, by obseruation of the ceremonies of the Law.

3 ! He threateneth the sworde, and destruction to Jerusalem.

7 e Because of the great noise of the armie of the Caldeans.

10 g Meaning, the sceptre: shewing, that it wil not spare the King who shulde be as the sonne of God, and in his place.

10 h That is, the rest of the people.

13 l Ezekeil moued with compassion, thus complaineth fearing the destruction of the kingdome, which God had confirmed to Dauid, and his posteritie by promes: which promes God performed, althogh here it semeth to mans eye that it shulde vtterly perish.

16 n Prouide for thy self: for you shalt se Gods plague of all partes on this countrey.

19 o This was spoken, because that when Bebuchad-nezzar came against Judah, his purpose was also to go against the Ammonites: but douting in the way, which enterprise to vndertake first, he consulted with his sothsaiers, and so went against Judah.

20 p That is, to the tribe of Judah that kept them selues in Jerusalem.

21 q To knowe whether he shulde go against the Ammonites or them of Jerusalem.

23 f Because there was a league betwene the Jewes and the Babylonians, they of Jerusalem shal thenke nothing lesse then that this thing shulde come to passe.

23 t That is Nebuchad-nezzar wil remember the rebellion of Zedekiah, and so come vpon them.

25 u Meaning, Zedekiah, who practised with the Egyptians to make him self hie, and to resist the Babylonians.

26 x Some referre this to the Priests attire: for Jehozadek the Priest went into captiuitie with the King.

27 y That is, vnto the comming of Messiah: for thogh the Jewes had some signe of gouernment afterward vnder the Persians, Grekes, and Romains, yet this restitution was not til Christs coming, and at length shulde be accomplished, as was promised, {Gen. 49,10}

28 ! He is commanded to prophecie the destruction of the children of Ammon.

29 z Thogh the Jewes and Ammonites wolde not beleue, that thou, to wit, the sworde, shuldest come vpon them, and said that the Prophets, which threatned, spake lies, yet you shalt as surely come as thogh thou werest already vpon their neckes.

30 ! The Lord threatneth to destroye Nebuchad-nezzar.