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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 23

1 ! of the idolatrie of Samaria and Jerusalem, vnder the names of Aholah and Oholibah.

2 a Meaning Israel & Judah, which came bothe out of one familie.

3 b Thei became idolaters after the maner of the Ebyptians.

4 c Aholah signifieth a mansion or dwelling in her self, meaning Samaria which was the royal citie of Israel: and Aholibah, signifieth my mansion in her, whereby ment Jerusalem where Gods Temple was.

5 d When the Israelites where named the people of God, and put their trust in the Assyrians.

5 / Ebr. vnder me.

8 e The holy Gost vseth these termes which seme strange to chaste eares to cause this wicked vice of idolatrie so to be abhorred. that vneth any shulde abyde to hear the name thereof mencioned.

14 g This declareth that no wordes are able sufficiently to express the rage of idolaters, & there fore the holy Gost here compareth them to those which in their raging loue & filthy lustes dote vpon the images & paintings of them after whome they lust.

23 h These were the names of certeine princes & captaines vnder Nebuchad-nezzar.

24 / Or, lawes.

25 i They shal destroy thy princes and Priests with the rest of thy people.

29 k All thy treasures & riches which thou hast gotten by labour.

29 l All the worlde shal se thy shameful forsaking of God to serue idoles.

31 m I wil execute the same judgements & vengeance against thee, & that with great seueritie.

33 n Meaning, that the afflictions shulde be so great that thei shulde cause them to lose their senses, & reason.

37 o That is, to be sacrifices to their idoles, read {Chap. 16,20}.

40 p They sent into other countreis to haue suche as shulde reache the seruice of their idoles.

41 q He meaneth the altar, that was prepared for the idoles.

45 s That is, worthy death, read {Chap. 16, 38}.