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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 5

1 ! The signe of the heeres,whereby is signified the destruction of the people.

1 a To shaue thine head & thy beard.

2 b To wit, of that citie which he had pourtraied vpon the bricke, {Chap. 4, 1}. By the fyre and pestilence he meaneth the famine, wherewith one part perished, during the siege of Nebuchadnezzar. By the sworde those that were slayne when Zedekiah fled and those that were caried away captiue. And by the scattering into the wind those that fled into Egypt and into other partes after the citie was taken.

3 c Meaning, that a very fewe shulde be left, which the Lord wolde preserue among all these stormes, but not without troubles and tryal.

4 d Out of that fyre which you kindelest, shal a fyre come, which shal signifie the destruction of Israel.

6 e My worde and lawe into idolatrie and superstitions.

7 f Because your idoles are in greater nomber and your superstitions mo then among the professed idolaters, read {Isa. 65, 11}: or he condemneth their ingratitude in respect of his benefites.

13 g That is, I wil not be pacified til J. be reuenged, {Isa. 1,24}

16 h Which were the grashoppers, mildewe, and whatsoeuer were occasions of famine.