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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 6

1 ! He sheweth that Jerusalem shalbe destroyed for their idolatrie.

3 a He speaketh to all the places where the Israelites accustomed to commit their idolatries threatening them destruction.

5 c In contempt of their power and force, which shal nether be able to deliuer you nor them selues, {2 King. 23, 20}.

8 ! He prophecieth the repentance of the remnant of the people, and their deliuerance

8 d He sheweth that in all dangers God wil preserue a few which shalbe as the sed of his Church & call vpon his Name.

9 e They shalbe ashamed to se that their hope in idoles was but vaine, and so shal repent.

13 f By these signes he wolde that the Prophet shulde signifie the great destruction to come.

13 g That is, all nacions when you shal se my judgements.

14 h Some read, more desolate then the wildernes of Diblath, which was Syria, and bordered vpon Israel, or from the wildernes, which was South vnto Diblath, which was North: meaning, the whole countrey.