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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 4

1 ! The besieging of the citie of Jerusalem is signified.

3 a Which signified the stubbernes & hardnes of their heart.

4 b Hereby here presented the idolatrie and sinne of the ten tribes (for Samaria was on his left hand from Babylon) and how they had remained therein, thre hundreth and ninetie yeres.

6 c Which delcared Judah, who had now from the time of Josiah slept in their sinnes fourty yeres.

8 e The people shulde so streitely be besieged, that they shulde not be able to turne them.

9 g Which were fourtene moneths that the citie was besieged, & this was as many daies as Israel sinned yeres.

9 f Meaning, that the famine shulde be so great, that they shulde be glad to eat whatsoeuer they colde get.

9 ! The long continuance of the captiuitie of Israel.

12 k Signifying hereby the great searfetie of fuel, and matter to burne.

16 n That is, the force & strength wherewith it shulde nourish, {Isa. 3,1 chap. 5, 17 & 14, 13}