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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 3

1 ! The Prophet being fed with the worde of God and with the constant boldnes of the Spirit, is sent vnto the people that were incaptiuitie.

1 a Whereby is ment, that none is mete to be Gods messenger before he haue receiued the worde of God in his heart, as {vers. 10}, and haue a zeale thereunto, and delite therein, as {Jerem. 15, 16}, {reuel. 10, 10}.

8 b God promiseth his assistance to his ministers, and that wil giue them boldenes & constancie in their vocation, {Isa. 50, 7}, {jer 1, 18}, {mich. 3,8}

10 c He sheweth what is ment by the eating of the boke, whch is, that the ministers of God may speake no thing as of them selues, but that onely, which they haue receiued of the Lord.

12 d Whereby he signifieth, that Gods glorie shulde not be diminished, althogh he departed out of his Temple: for this declared, that the citie, & Temple shulde be destroyed.

14 e This sheweth that there is euer an infirmitie of the flesh which can neuer be ready to render ful obedience to God, and also Gods grace who euer assisteth his, and aouer commeth their rebellios affections.

15 f Which was a place by Euphrates where the Jewes were prisoners.

15 g Declaring hereby, that Gods ministers must with aduisement, and deliberation vtter his judgements.

17 ! The office of true ministers.

20 i If he that hathe bene instructed in the right way turne backe:

20 k I wil giue him vp into a reprobat minde, {Rom. 1, 28}.

22 / Or, valley.

23 n Meaning, the vidison of the Cherubimes, & the wheles.

24 p Signifying, that not onely he shulde not profit, but they shulde grieuously trouble, & afflict him.

26 q Which declareth the terrible plague of the Lord when God stoppeth the mouthes of his ministers, & that all suche are the rods of his vengeance that do it.