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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ezekiel 2

1 ! The Prophet is sent to call the people from their errour.

1 a That is, the Lord.

1 b Meaning man which is but earth, & ashes, which was to humble him, & cause him to consider his owne state, & Gods grace.

2 c So that he colde not abide Gods presence til Gods Spirit did enter into him.

5 d This declareth on the one parte Gods great affection toward his people, that notwithstanding their rebellion yet he wil send his Prophetes among them & admonish his ministers on the other parte that thei cease not to do their duetie, thogh the people be neuer so abstinat: for the worde of God shal be ether to their saluation of greater condemnation.

6 e Read {Jere. 1, 17}: he sheweth that for none afflictions thei shuld cease to do their dueties.

8 f He doeth not onely exhorte him to his duetie, but also giueth him the meanes where with he may be able to.

10 g He sheweth what were the contents of this boke: to wit, Gods judgements against the wicked.