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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Lamentations 2

1 a That is, broght her from prosperitie to aduersitie.

1 b Hathe giuen her a moste sore fall.

1 c Alluding to the Temple or to the Arke of the couenant, which was called the fotestole of the Lord because they shulde not set their mindes sl lowe, but lift vp their hearts toward the heauens.

3 d Meaning, the glorie and strength, as {1 Sam. 2,1}.

3 e That is, his succour which he was wonte to send vs, when our enemies oppressed vs.

4 f Shewing, that there is no remedie but destruction, where God is the enemie.

7 g As the people were accustomed to praise God in the solemne feastes with a lowde voice, so now the enemies blaspheme him with showting & crying.

8 h This is a figuratiue speache, as that was, when he said, the wayes did lament, Chap. 1,4}: meaning, that this sorowe was so great that the insensible things had thier parte, thereof.

12 / Ebr. powred cut the soule

13 j Meaning, that her calamitie was so euident that it nede no witnesses.

14 k Because the false Prophetes called themselues seers, as the otherwere called, therefore he sheweth that they saw amisse, because thei did not reproue the peoples fautes, but flattered them in their sinnes, which was the cause of their destruction.

14 / Or, burdens.