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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Lamentations 3

1 a The Prophet complaineth of the punishments and afflictions that he endured by the false Prophetes & hypocrites, when he declared the destruction of Jerusalem, as {Jerem. 20,2}

5 b He speaketh this as one that felt Gods heauie judgements, which he greatly feared, & therefore setteth them out with this diuersitie of wordes.

8 c This is a great tentacion to the godlie, when thei se not the frute of their praiers, and causeth them to thinke that thei are not heard, which thing God vseth to do, that thei might praie more earnestly and the oftener.

15 f With great anguish & sorowe he hathe made me to lose my sense.

18 g Thus, with paine he was driuen to and fro betwene hope and dispaire, as the godlie oft times are, yet in the end the Spirit getteth the victorie.

20 h He sheweth that God thus vseth to exersice his to the intent that hereby thei maie knowe them selues and fele his mercies.

22 i Considering the wickednes of man, it is maruel that anie remaineth aliue: but only that God for his owne mercies sake and for his promes wil euer haue his Church to remaine thogh thei be neuer so fewe in nomber, {Isa. 1,9}.

23 l The godlie put their whole confidence in God, & therefore loke for none other inheritance, as {psal. 16,5}.

23 k We fele thy benefites daily.

27 m He sheweth that we can neuer begin to timely to be exercised vnder the crosse, that when the afflictions grow greater, our pacience also by experience may be stronger.

28 n He murmureth not against God, but is pacient.

29 o He humbleth him selfe as thei that falle downe with their face to the grounde, & so with pacience waiteth for succour.

33 p He taketh no pleasure in it but doeth it of necessitie for our amendement, when he suffreth the wicked to oppresse the poore.

33 / Ebr. with his hearts.

37 r He sheweth that nothing is done without Gods prouidence.

38 s That is, aduersitie, and prosperitie, {Amos 3,6}.

41 u That is, both heartes & handes: for els to lift vp the handes is but hypocrisie.

51 x I am ouercome with fore weping for all my people.

53 y Read Jerem. 37,16, how he was in the myrie dungeon.

58 z Meaning, the cause wherefore his life was in danger.