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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Lamentations 1

1 a The Prophet wondereth at the great judgement of God seing Jerusalem, which was so strong & so ful of people, to be now destroyed and desolate.

1 b Which had chief rule ouer many prouinces and countreys.

1 ! The Prophet bewaileth the miserable estate of Jerusalem.

2 d Meaning, the Ebyptians and Assyrians, which promised helpe.

3 e For her crueltie toward the poore and oppression of seruants, {Jerem. 34,11}.

4 f As they vsed to come vp, with myth & joye, {Psal. 42,4}.

4 / Ebr. bitternes.

5 ! And sheweth that they are plagued because of their sinnes. The first and seconde chapter beginne euery verse according to the letters of the Ebrewe Alphabet. The third hathe thre verses for euery letter, & the fourth is as the first.

6 h As men pined away with sorow & that haue no courage.

7 i In hrt midrtir she considered the great benefites and commodities that she had lost.

8 k At her religion and seruing of God, which was the greatest grief to the goldie.

8 / Or, driue away

9 l She is not ashamed of her sinne, although it be manifest.

9 / Ebr. hathe magnified himself.

10 m God forbiddeth that the Ammonites & Moabites shulde enter into the Congregation of the Lord, and vnder them he comprehendeth all enemies, Deu. 23,3.

12 n Thus Jerusalem lamenteth, mouing others to pitie her and to learne by her example.

13 o This declareth that we shuld acknowledge God to be the autor of all our afflictions, to the intent that we might seke vnot him for remedie.

14 p Mine heauy sinnes are continually before his eies, as he that tyeth a thing to his hand for a remembrance.

15 q He hathe troden them vnder fote as they that tread grapes in the wyne to presse.

17 r Which because of her pollution was separate from her houseband, Leu. 15,19. and was abhorred for the time.

22 t Of desiring vengeance against the enemie, read {Jere. 11,20}. & {18,21}

22 / Or, gather them like grapes.