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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 50

1 ! He prophecieth the destruction of Babylon, and the deliuerance of Israel, which was in captiuitie.

2 a After that God hathe vsed the Babylonians seruice to punish other nations, he sheweth taht their turne shal come to be punished.

2 b These were two of their chief idoles.

4 d When Cyrus shal take Babel.

6 f Their gouernours & ministers by their examples haue prouoked them to idolatrie.

6 g They haue commit idolatrie in euerie place.

7 h For the Lord dwelt among them in his Temple, and wolde haue mainteined them by his justice against their enemies.

8 k That is, moste forward and without feare.

11 m For joye of the victorie, that ye had against my people.

14 p Thogh the Lord called the Babylonians his seruants, and their worke his worke in punishing his people, yet because they did it not to glorifie God, but for their owne malice, & to profite them selues, it is here called sinne.

14 o He speaketh to the enemies the Medes and Persians.

16 q Destroye her so that none be left to labour the grounde or to take the frute thereof.

17 r Meaning, Tiglath-Pelezar who caryed away the ten tribes.

17 f He caryed away the rest, to wit, Judah, & Benjamin.

21 t That is, Babylon: thus the Lord raiseth vp Cyrus.

21 / Or, of them that shulde by visited.

23 u Nebuchad-nezzar, who had smitten downe all the princes, and people of the worlde.

28 y Of the Jewes which shulde be deliuered by Cyrus.

34 z He sheweth that when God executeth his judgements against his enemies, that his Church shal then haue rest.

38 a For Cyrus did cut the riuer Euphrates and deuided the course thereof into many streames, so that it might be passed ouer as thogh there had bene no water: which thing he did by the counsel of two of Belshazzars captaines, who conspired against their Kings, because he had gelded the one of them in despite, and slaine the sonne of the other.

39 / Ebr. sonnes of the ostriches, the yong.

41 c Meaning, that the Persians shulde gather their armie of manie nations.