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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 51

1 a The Medes and Persians, that shal destroye them as the winde doeth the chaffe.

5 b Thogh they were forsaken for a time, yet they were not vtterly cast of as thogh their housband were dead.

6 c He sheweth that there remaineth nothing for them that abide in Babylon, but destruction, {Chap. 17, 6} & {48, 6}.

7 d By whome the Lord powred out the drinke of his vengeance, to whom it pleased him.

7 e For the great afflictions that thei haue felt by the Babylonians.

9 f Thus the people of God exhort one another to go to Zion and praise God.

10 g In approuing our cause and punishing our enemies.

10 / Or, fil, or multiple.

11 h For the wrong done to his people and to his Temple {Chap. 50, 28}

13 i For the land of Caldea was ful of riuers which ran into Euphrates.

13 / Or, measure.

19 m That is, the true God of Israel is not like to these idoles: for he can helpe when all things are desperate.

20 n He meaneth the Medes and Persians, as he did before call the Babylonians his hammer, {Chap. 50, 23}.

25 o Not that Babyon stode on a mountaine, but because it was strong and semed inuincible.

27 q By these thre nations he meaneth Armenia the hier, and Armenia the lower, and Sythia: for Cyrus had gathered an armie of diuers nacions.

31 r By turning the course of the riuer one side was made open, and the redes that did growe in the water, were destroied which Cyrus did by the counsel of Gobria & Gabatha Belshazzars captaines.

34 t This is spoken in the persone of the Jewes, bewayling their state and the crueltie of the Babylonians.

36 u Thus the Lord estemeth the injurie done to him self, because their cause is his.

38 x When thei are inflamed with surfeting and drinking, I wil feast with them alluding to Belshazzars banket, {Dan. 5, 2}.

41 y Meaning Babel, as {Chap. 25, 26}.

44 a That is, his giftes & presents which he had receiued as part of the spoile of other nacions, and which the idolaters broght vnto him from all countreys.

46 b Meaning, that Babylon shuld not be destroied all at once, but by litle & litle shulde be broght to nothing: for the first yere came the tydings, the next yere the siege, and in the thirde yere it was taken: yet this is not that horrible destruction which the Prophetes threatned in manie palces: for that was after this when they rebelled and Darius ouercame them by the policie of Zopirus and hanged thre thousand gentlemen besides the commune people.

48 c All creatures in heauen & earth shal rejoice and praise God for the destruction of Babylon the great enemie of his Churche.

49 d Babylon did not onely destroy Israel, but many other nacions.

51 f He sheweth how they shulde remember Jerusalem by lamenting the miserable affliction thereof.

53 g For the walles were two hundreth foote hie.

57 h I wil so astonish them by afflictions that thei shal not know which waye to turne them.

58 i The thicknes of the walle was fiftie foote thicke.

59 k This was not in the time of his captiuitie, but seuen yeres, before, when he went ether to gratulat Nebuchad-nezzar or to intreat of some matters.

63 l S. John in his reuelation alludeth to this place when he saith that the Angel tok a milestone and cast into the sea: signifying thereby the destruction of Babylon, {Reuel, 18, 21}.

64 m Thei shal not be able to resist, but shal labour invaine.