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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 49

1 ! The worde of the Lord against the Ammonites.

1 c Meaning, of the Israelites.

1 a They were separated from the Moabites by the riuer Anon, & after that the ten tribes were caryed away into captiuitie, they inuaded the countrey of Gad.

1 b To wit, of the Ammonites.

2 d Which was one of the chief cities of the Ammonites, as were Heshbon and Ai there was also a citie called Hesbon among the Moabites.

5 f Signifying that power and riches can not preuaile when as God wil execute his judgements.

5 g That is, without loking backe and as euerie one can finde away to escape.

6 h In the time of Christ when the Gentiles shal be called.

7 i Which was a citie of Edom called by the name of Teman Eliphaz sonne who came of Esau.

8 k The enemies that shal dissemble as thogh thei fled away shal turne backe, & inuade your land, and possesse it.

9 l Meaning that God wolde vtterly destroy them, and not spare one, thogh the grape gatherers leaue some grapes, & theues seke but til they haue ynough, {Obad. 1, 5}.

11 m The destruction shalbe so great, that there shalbe none left to take care ouer the widdowes, fatherles.

12 n I haue not spared mine owne people, how shulde I pitie thee?

19 s The captaine and gouernour of the armie, meaning, Nebucahd-nezzar.

19 q To wit, Nebuchad-nezzar after he hathe ouercome Judah, which is ment by the swelling of Jorden, shal come against mount Seir & Edom.

19 r That is, the Israelites, whome the Edomites kept as prisoners to haste away from thence.

20 t They shal not be able to resist his petit captaines.

20 u To wit, the enemie.

23 y Which was the chief citie of Syria, whereby he meaneth the whole countrey.

24 z When she heard the sudden coming of the enemie.

25 a He speaketh this in the persone of the King and of them of the countrey who shal wonder to se Damascus the chief citie destroyed.

27 b Who was King of Syria, {1 King. 20, 26}, and had buylt these palaces, which were stil called the palaces of Benhadad.

28 c Meaning the Arabians, and their borderers.

29 d Because thei vsed to dwell in tentes, he nameth the things that perteine thereunto.

31 f He sheweth that they of Hazor wil flee to the Arabians for succour, but that shal not auaile them.

34 g That is, Persia, so called of Elam the sonne of Shem.

34 ! & Elam.

35 h Because the Persians were good archers, he sheweth that the thing wherein they put their trust, shulde not profite them.

38 k This may be referred to the empire of the Persians and Medes after the Caldeans, or vnto the time of Christ, as {Chap. 48, 47}

38 i I wil place Nebuchad-nezzar there, and in these prophecies Jeremiah speaketh of those countreies, which shulde be subdued vnder the first of those four monarchies whereof Daniel maketh mencion.