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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 47

1 a Which was also called Gaza a citie of the Philistims.

1 ! The worde of the Lord against the Philistims.

2 b He meaneth the armie of the Caloeans, {Isa. 8, 8}.

3 c The great feare shal take away their natural affection.

4 e For the Caphtorims, which are also called Cappadocians, had destroied in olde time the Philistims and dwelt in their land euen to Gaza, {Deu. 2, 23}.

5 f They haue pulled of their heere for sorowe & heauines.

5 g As the heathen vsed in their mourning which the Lord forbade his people to do, {Deut. 14, 1}.

7 h Meaning, that it is not possible that the wicked shulde by any meanes escape or stay the Lord, when he wil take vengeance.