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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 46

1 a That is, nine nations which are rounde about the land of Egypt.

2 b Read {2 Kin. 23, 29} & {24, 7} & {2 chro. 35, 20}.

2 ! He prophecieth the destruction of Egypt.

3 c He warneth the Egyptians to prepare them selues to warre.

5 d The Prophet had this vision of the Egyptians which shulde be put to flight by the Babylonians at Carchemish.

6 e The Babylonians shal discomfit them at the riuer Euphrates.

7 f He derideth the boastings of the Egyptians who thoght by their riches, & power to haue ouercome all the worlde, alluding to the riuer Nilus, which at certeine times ouerfloweth the countrey of Egypt.

9 g For these nations toke parte with the Egyptians.

10 h He calleth the slaughter of Gods enemies a sacrifice, because it is a thing that doeth please him, {Isa. 34, 6}.

10 i That is, at Charchemish.

11 k For as Gilead did grow moste soueraine balme for woundes.

11 l So called because Egypt had not yet bene ouercome by the enemie.

11 m He sheweth that no falue or medicine can preuaile where as God giueth the wounde.

16 n As they that shulde repent that they helped the Egyptians.

17 o He derideth them which shal impute their ouerthrowe to lacke of counsel & policie, or to fortune: and not obseruing of time, not considering that it is Gods just judgement.

18 p To wit, that the Egyptians shalbe destroyed.

20 q They haue abundance of all things, and therefore are disobedient & proude.

22 s They shalbe scarse able to speake for feare of the Caldeans.

22 t Meaning, Egypt.

23 u That is, they shal slay the great & mightie men of power.

23 x To wit, Nebuchad-nezzars armie.

25 y Some take the Ebrewe worde Amon for the Kings name of No, that is of Alexandria.

26 z Meaning, that after the space of fourty yeres Egypt shulde be restored {Isa. 19, 23}, {ezek. 29, 13}.

27 a God comforteth all his that were in captiuitie, but specially the smal Church of the Jewes whereof were Jeremiah and Baruch, which remained among the Egyptians: for the Lord neuer forsaketh his, {Isa. 44, 3}, {chap. 30, 10}.