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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 48

1 a These were cities of the moabites, wich Nebuchad-nezzar toke before he went to fight against Necho King of Egypt.

2 b Thus shal the Babylonians inconrage one another.

2 c Read {Isa. 25, 10}.

5 d Horonaim & Luhith were two places whereby the Moabites shulde flee, {Isa. 15, 5}.

6 e Hide your selues in baren places, where the enemie wil not pursue after you, {Chap. 17, 6}.

7 f That is, the idoles which are the workes of thine hands. Some read in thy possessions, for so the worde may signifie, as {1 Sam. 25, 2}.

7 g Bothe thy great idole & his mainteiners shalbe led away captiues, so that they shal then knowe that it is in vaine to loke for helpe at idoles, {Isa. 15, 2}

10 h He sheweth that God wolde punish the Caldeans, if they did not destroy the Egyptians and that with a courage, and calleth this executing of his vengeance against his enemies his worke: thogh the Caldeans soght another end, {Isa. 10, 12}

11 i Hathe not bene remoued as the Jewes haue, but hath liued at ease and as wine that fedeth him self on his lees.

13 k As the calfe of Beth-el was not able to deliuer the Israelites: no more shal Chemosh deliuer the Moabites.

17 l How are thei destroied that put their trust in their strength and riches!

26 o He willed the Caldeans to lay afflictions ynough vpon them until they be like druken men that fall downe to their shame and are derided of all.

26 / Or, shal be ful or clappe his hands.

30 q He shal not execute his malice against his neighbours.

31 s Which citie was in the vtmoste border of Moab: and hereby he signifieth that the whole land shulde be destroied & the people caried away.

36 u Their custome was to play on flutes or instruments, heauie & graue tunes at buryales and in the time of mourning, as Mat. 9, 23.

40 x That is, Nebuchad-nezzar as {Chap. 49, 22}.

43 y He that escapeth one danger, shal be taken of another {Isa. 24, 17}.

45 z Thei fled thether thinking to haue succour of the Amorites.

45 a The Amorites had destroied the Moabites in times past, and now because of their power, the Moabites shal seke to them for helpe.

46 b Which vanted themselues of their idole as thogh he colde haue defended them.

47 c That is thei shalbe restored by the Messiah.