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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 43

1 ! Johanian caryeth the remnant of the people into Egypt contrarie to the minde of Jeremiah.

2 c When the hypocrisie of the wicked is discouered thei brast forthe into an open rage: for they can abide nothing but flatteries, read, {Isa. 30, 10}.

2 d He sheweth what is the nature of the hypocrites: to wit, to faine that they wolde obey God and imbrace his worde, if thei were assured that his messengers spake the trueth: thogh in dede they be moste farre from all obedience.

2 b This declareth that pride is the cause of rebellion, & contempt of Gods ministers.

2 a Who was also called Jezaniah, {Chap. 42, 1}.

3 e Thus the wicked do not onely contemne, & hurt the messengers of God, but sclander, and speake wickedly of all them that support or fauour the godlie.

5 f As from the Moabites, Ammonites, and Edomitesm {Chap. 40, 11}.

8 ! Jeremiah prophecieth the destruction of Egypt.

9 i Which signified that Nebuchad-nezzar shuld come euen to the gates of Pharaoh, where were his bricke killes for his buyldings.

11 l Euerie one shal be slaine by that meanes that God hathe appointed, {Chap. 15, 2}.

12 m Meaning, moste easily, & suddenly shal he cary the Egyptians away.