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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 44

1 a These were all famous and strong cities in Egypt, where the Jewes, that were fled, dwelt for their safety: but the Prophet declareth that there is no holde so strong, that can preserue them from Gods vengeance.

1 ! He reproueth the people for their idolatrie.

4 b Read {Chap. 7, 25} & {25, 3} & {26, 5} & {29, 19} & {32,33}

6 c He setteth before their eyes Gods judgements against Judiah & Jerusalem for their idolatrie, that they might beware by their example and not with the like wickednes prouoke the Lord: for then they shulde be double punished.

9 d He sheweth that we oght to kepe in memorie Gods plagues from the beginning that considering them, we might liue in his feare, and knowe if he haue not spared our fathers yea, Kings, princes, and rulers, and also whole countreis, and nations for their sinnes, that we vile wormes can not loke to escape punishment for ours.

12 e Which haue fully set their mindes, & are gone thether on purpose--Whereby he excepteth the innocentes as Jeremiah and Baruch that were forced: therefore the Lord sheweth that he wil set his face against them: that is, purposely destroye them.

14 g Meaning, but a fewe.

15 ! Thei that set light by the threatening of the Lord are chastened.

16 h This declareth how dangerous a thing it is to decline once from God, & to followe our owne fantasies: for Satan euer soliciteth suche and doeth not leaue them til he haue broght them to extreme impudencie to justifie their wickednes against God, & his prophetes.

17 i Read {Chap. 7, 17}. It semeth that the Papistes gathered of this place their Salue Regina, and Regina celi, letare, calling the virgine Marie Quene of Heauen, & so of the blessed virgine, & mother of our Sauiour Christ made an idole: for here the Prophet condemneth their idolatrie.

17 / Ebr. we were saciat with bread.

17 k This is stil the argument of idolaters, which esteme religion by the bellie, & in stead of acknowledging Gods workes, who sendeth bothe plentie & dearth, health, & sickenes, they attribute it to their idoles, and so dishonour God.

17 / Or, sawe.

19 l This teacheth vs how great danger it is for the housbandes to permit their wiues anie thing whereof they be not assured by Gods worde: for thereby they take an occasion to justifie their doings, & their housbands shal giue an accompt thereof before God, read {Isa. 3, 35}.

19 / Or, to appease her.

25 m You haue committed double euil in making wicked vowes, and in performing the same.

26 The destruction of Egypt and of the Jewes therein, is prophecied.

26 n This declareth an horrible plague toward idolaters, seing that God wil not voutchesafe to haue his Name mencioned by suche as haue polluted it.

28 o We se therefore, that God hathe a perpetual care ouer his, wheresoeuer they are scattred: for thogh they be but, two or thre, yet he wil deliuer them when he destroyeth his enemies.

30 p He sheweth the meanes whereby they shulde be destroyed to assure them of the certeintie of the plague, and yet they remaine stil in their obstinancie til they perish: for Josephus lib ??? de Antiq cap 11 writeth that fiue yere after the taking of Jerusalem Nebuchad-nezaar the yonger, hauling ouercome the Moabites and the Ammonites, went against Egypt, & slew the King, & so broght these Jewes, and other into Babylon.