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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 42

1 ! The captaines aske counsel of Jeremiah what they oght to do.

2 / Eb. let any prayer fall before thee, as {Chap. 36, 7}

3 a This declareth the nature of hypocrites which wolde knowe of Gods worde what they shulde do, but wil not follow it, but in asmuche as it agreeth with the thing which they haue purposed to do.

5 b There are none more ready to abuse the Name of God and take it in vaine, then the hypocrites, which to colour their falsehode vse it without all reuerence, and make it a meanes for them to deceiue the simple, and the godlie.

7 c Here is declared the vision & the occasion thereof, whereof mencion was made, {Chap. 40, 1}.

7 ! He admonisheth the remant of the people not to go into Egypt.

11 e Because all Kings hearts and waies are in his hands, he can turne them & dispose them as it pleaseth him, and therefore they nede not to feare man, but onely obey God, {Prou. 21, 1}.

16 f Thus God turneth the policie of the wicked to their owne destruction: for thei thoght themselues sure in Egypt, and there Nebuchad-nezzar destroyed them, and the Egyptians, {Chap. 46, 25}.

18 g Read {Chap. 26, 6} & {24, 22}. shewing that this shulde come vpon them for their infidelitie & stubornes.

20 h For you were fully minded to go into Egypt, whatsoeuer God spake to the contrarie.