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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 38

1 ! By the mocion of the rulers Jeremiah is put into a dongeon.

1 a For Zedekiah had sent these to Jeremiah to inquire at the Lord for the state of the countrey now when Nebuchad-nezzar came, as {Chap. 21, 9}

4 c Thus we se how the wicked when they can not abide to heare the trueth of Gods worde, seke to put the ministers to death as transgressors of policies.

5 d Wherein he grieuously offended in that that not onely he wolde not heare the trueth spolen by the Prophet, but also gaue him to the lusts of the wicked to be cruelly intreated.

7 e To heare matters & giue sentence.

9 f Hereby is declared that the Prophet founde more fauour at this strangers hands then he did by all them of his countrey which was to their great condemnation.

13 g Where the King had set him before to be at more libertie, as {Chap. 37, 21}.

14 ! At the request of Ebed-melech the King commnandeth Jeremiah to be broght forthe of the dongeon.

17 ! Jeremiah sheweth the King how he might escape death.

17 h And yelde thy self vnto them.

19 i Which declareth that he more feared the reproche of men, then the threatenings of God.

22 k When Jeconiah and his mother with others were caryed away, the few omen [sic] of the Kings house where left: which shalbe take, saith the Prophet, and tel the King of Babel how Zedekiah hathe bene seduced by his familiar friends and false Prophetes, which haue left him in the myre.

26 l Herein appeareth the infirmitie of the Prophet, who did dissemble to saue his life albeit it was not to the denial of his doctriine, or to the hurte of any.