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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 39

4 b Which was a posterne dore, read {2 King. 25, 4}.

10 d For the riche & the mightie which put their trust in their shiftes & meanes, where by Gods just judgements moste rigorously handeled.

11 / Ebr. by the hand of .

12 e Thus God preserued his Prophet his meanes, whome he made the scourge to punish the King, and them that were his enemies.

12 / Ebr. set thine eyes vpon him.

14 f Whome the King of Babel had now appointed gouernour ouer the rest of the Jewes that he left behinde.

18 g Thus God recompensed his zeale and fauour, which he shewed to his Prophet in his troubles.