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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 37

1 b And called him Zedekiah where as before his name was Mattaniah {2 King 24,17}.

1 a Who was called Jehoiachin or Jeconiah.

1 ! Zedekiah succeded Jeconiah.

3 c Because he was afraid of the Caldeans that came against him.

5 / Ebr., went vp.

12 f As some thinke, to go to Anathoth his owne towne.

12 ! Jeremiah, going into the land of Benjamin is taken.

13 g By the which men went into the countrey of Benjamin.

13 / Ebr. falleth.

15 ! He is beaten and put in prison.

21 i That is, so long as there was any bread in the cities: thus God prouideth for his that he wil cause their enemies to preserue them to the end whereunto he hathe appointed them.