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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 36

1 ! Baruch writeth, as Jermiah enditeth, the boke of the curses against Judah and Israel.

2 b Which were twenty and thre yere, as {Cha. 23, 3} counting from the thirteenth yere of Josiahs reigne.

5 d Meaning, in prison, through the malice of the Priestes.

6 e Which was proclaimed for feare of the Babylonians, as their custome was when thei feared warre or any great plague of God.

7 f He sheweth that fasting without praier and repentance auaileth nothing, but is mere hypocrisie.

9 ! He is sent with the boke vnto the people and readeth it before them all.

9 g The fast was then proclaimed, and Baruch red this roole, which was a litle before that Jerusalem was first taken, and then Jehoiakim and Daniel, and his companions were led away captiues.

14 ! He is called before the rulers and readeth it beofre them also.

16 i The godlie were afraid, seing God so offended, & the wicked were astonied for the horror of the punishement.

19 k Thei that were godlie among the princes, gaue this counsel, by whose meanes it is like that Jeremiah was deliuered: for thei knewe the rage of the King and of the wicked to be suche that they colde not escape without danger of their liues.

22 l Which conteined parte of Nouember & parte of December.

24 m Shewing, that the wicked instead of repentanting, when thei heare Gods judgements, grow into farther malice against him and his worde.

26 n Thus we se the continual care, that God hathe euer ouer his to preserue them from the raged of the wicked.

28 ! There is another writen at the commandment of the Lord

28 o Thogh the wicked thinke to haue abolished the worde of God, when they haue burnt the boke thereof: yet this declareth that God wil not onely raise it vp againe, but also increase it in greater abundance to their condemnation, as {vers. 32}.

30 q Thogh Jehoiachin his sone succeded him, yet because he reigned but thre moneths, it was estemed as no reigne.

30 r Read {Chap. 33, 19}.