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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 31

1 a When this noble gouernour shal come: meaning the Christ, not onely Judah & Israel, but the rest of the worlde shalbe called.

1 ! He rehearseth Gods benefites after their returne from Babylon.

2 b Which were deliuered from the crueltie of Pharaoh.

2 c To wit, God.

3 d The people thus reason as thogh he were not so beneficial to them now, as he had bene of olde.

3 e Thus the Lord answereth that his loue is not changeable.

4 f Thou shalt haue stil occasion to rejoyce: which is ment by tabrets and dancing, as their custome was after notable victories, {Exod. 15, 20}. {judg. 5, 2}. and {chap. 11, 34}.

5 g Because the Israelites, which were the ten tribes, neuer returned to Samaria, therefore this must be spiritually vnderstand vnder the kingdome of Christ, which was the restauracion of the true Israel.

5 h That is, shal eat the frute therof, as {Leu. 19, 23}. {dan. 20, 6}.

6 k They shal exhorte all to the imbracing of the Gospel, as {Isa. 2, 3}.

7 l He sheweth what shal be the concorde and loue of all vnder the Gospel, where non shal be refused for their infirmities: & euery one shal exhort one another to imbrace it.

9 o That is, my derely beloued, as the first childe is to the father.

9 n Where they founde no impedimentes, but abundance of all things.

9 m That is, lamenting their sinnes, which had not giuen eare to the Prophetes, & therefore it followeth that God receiued them to mercie, {Chap. 50, 4}.

11 p That is, from the Babylonians, and other enemies.

12 q By these temporal benefites he meaneth the spiritual graces, which are in the Church, and whereof there shulde by euer plentie, {Isa. 58,21}.

13 r In the companie of the faithful, which euer praise God for his benefites.

14 s Meaning the Spirit of wisdome, knowledge and zeale.

15 t To declare the greatnes of Gods mercie in deliuering the Jewes he sheweth them that thei were like to the Benjamintes, or Israelites: that is, vtterly destroyed, and caryed away in so muche that if Rahel the mother of Benjamin colde haue risen againe to seke for her children she shulde haue founde none remaining.

18 x Which was wanton and colde not be subject to the yoke.

18 y He sheweth how the faithful vse to pray: that is, desire God to turne them, for as muche as they can not turne of them selues.

18 u That is, the people that were led captiue.

19 z In signe of repentance, & detestation of my sinne.

20 a As thogh he wolde say, No: for by his iniquitie he did what laye in him to caste me of.

20 b To wit, in pitying him for hy promes sake.

21 c Marke by what way thou didest go into captiuitie, and thou shalt turne againe by the same.

22 d Because their deliuerance from Babylon was a figure of their deliuerance from sinne, he sheweth how this shulde be procured, to wit by Jesus Christ whome a woman shulde conceiue, & beare in her wombe. Which is a strange thing in earth, because he shulde be borne of a virgine without man: or he meaneth, that Jerusalem which was like a baren woman in her captiuitie shulde be fruteful as she that is joyned in mariage, and whome God blesseth with children.

23 ! And the spirtual joye of the faithful in the Church.

26 e Hauing vnderstand this vision of the Messiah to come in whome the two houses of Israel, and Judah shulde be joyned, I rejoyced.

27 f I wil multiplie, and enrich them with people and cattel.

29 g The wicked vsed this prouerbe, when they did murmure against Gods judgements pronounced by the Prophetes, saying, That their fathers had committed the faute, and that the children were punished, {Eze. 18,3}.

31 h Thogh the couenant of redemption made to the fathers & this which was giuen after, seme diuers, yet thei are all one, & grounded on Jesus Christ, saue that this is called newe because of the manifestation of Christ, and the abundant graces of the holie Gost giuen to his Church vnder the Gospel.

32 i And so were the occasion of their owne diuorcement through their infidelitie, {Isa. 50, 1}

32 / Or, master.

33 k In the time of Christ my Law shal in stead of tables of stone by written in their heartes by mine holie Spirit, {Ebr. 8, 8}.

34 l Vnder the kingdome of Christ there shalbe none blinded with ignorance, but I wil giue them faith, & knowledge of God for remission of their sinnes, and daily increase the same: so that it shal not seme to come so muche by the preaching of my ministers, as by the instruction of min holie Spirit, {Isa. 54,13}. but the ful accomplishing hereof is referred to the kingdome of Christ, when we shal be joyned with our head.

35 m If the sunne, moone, and starres can not but giue light according to mine ordinance, so long as this worlde lasteth, so shal my Church neuer faile, nether shal anie thing hinder it: and as sure as I wil haue a people, so certeine is it, that I wil leaue them my worde for euer to gouerne them with .

38 o As it was performed, {Nehemiah 3, 1}. By this description he sheweth that the citie shulde be as ample, and beautiful as euer it was: but he alludeth to the spiritual Jerusalem, whose beautie shulde be incomparable.